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Mambooks is an independent Australian book publisher. We believe that stories are wild and come from our passionate and inspired connection to the world.

Dr Maria Montessori’s philosophy of Cosmic Education introduces us to the repeating natural cycles in our world, the fundamental needs that all humans share, and the connectedness of all living things. Maria believed that the world was a purposeful place; and that war, poverty and injustice were deviations from that purpose. She believed that Cosmic Education was a way to restore harmony and order, allowing humankind to realise their true potential.

In the twenty-first century, global awareness, peaceful communication, and ethical cooperation are integral to resolving global disputes. By providing children with a Cosmic Education, Montessori empowers students with the knowledge to transform the world. Every moment is an opportunity to understand the integrity of the universe. The child is both a hope and a promise for humanity and this intrinsically unites us and inspires our stories.

Mambooks titles are available here and at all online bookstores. Books purchased from this site ensure that writers and illustrators receive a fair percentage of the recommended retail price. A percentage of all sales from this site go to Save the Children, Australia.

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